How to Setup Streamlabs Chatbot Commands The Definitive Guide

How to Use Song Requests in Cloudbot

streamlabs queue

It’s the most requested thing on my stream, and it’s difficult for me to have to tell everyone what the queue currently is constantly. If you want to take your Stream to the next level you can start using advanced commands using your own scripts. I would recommend adding UNIQUE rewards, as well as a cost for redeeming SFX, mini games, or giveaway tickets, to keep people engaged. If you choose to activate Streamlabs points on your channel, you can moderate them from the CURRENCY menu. Build anticipation for your next stream by announcing the date, time, and what you’ll be streaming. Displays a random user that has spoken in chat recently.

As content creators, there’s always room for improvement. The best way to learn, grow, and become a better streamer is to reflect after every stream. Pay it forward by raiding a mutual or another streamer that you think your followers will enjoy. If you’ve never done a raid before, we have a great article to get you started. It can be very easy to get distracted during your stream so check the itinerary you created to be sure that you’re keeping things on track and hitting all of the discussion points. Viewers want to know when you’re going live and what your stream will be about.

Arguably the most important, you’ll want to make sure that everything is updated and working properly. You can foun additiona information about ai customer service and artificial intelligence and NLP. If you’re using something like Stream Avatars, make sure it’s open and positioned where you want it. $arg1 will give you the first word after the command and $arg9 the ninth.

Streamlabs’ new mode helps protect streamers from hate raids – Digital Trends

Streamlabs’ new mode helps protect streamers from hate raids.

Posted: Wed, 01 Sep 2021 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Streaming is an increasingly popular way to broadcast your life, but it can be challenging to maintain a consistent schedule. What’s more, scheduling your streams can be extremely important in making sure your viewers don’t miss out on your content. Streamlabs’ new Stream Scheduler for YouTube and Facebook helps fix this problem by allowing you to schedule your streams directly from Streamlabs Desktop.

Use OBS Studio

Spotify boasts a staggering library of 50+ million songs. Music makes your stream dynamic, but it’s best if you explore royalty-free music to avoid Twitch’s DMCA strikes. This goes without saying but it’s super important for your privacy (and for your viewer’s sake) that you fully disconnect from your stream, turn off your camera, etc.

The right will be empty until you click the arrow next to the user’s name or click on Pick Randome User which will add a viewer to the queue at random. Queues allow you to view suggestions or requests from viewers. For example, if you are playing Mario Maker, your viewers can send you specific levels, allowing you to see them in your queue and go through them one at a time. When viewers enjoy a streamer’s music, they’ll often ask “What song is this? ” Chat engagement is great, but it can get tiring to answer that question.

streamlabs queue

If you’re a Twitch affiliate or partner and want to plan ads in your stream, do your best to encourage viewers to stay during the ad breaks. Simply telling viewers when the ad is coming, how long it will be, and asking them to stay can improve viewer retention dramatically. To learn more about becoming a Twitch affiliate, check out our article. If you have a Discord community, make sure you have a bot to automatically alert your community when you’re live. We have a post on Discord bots if you need help getting them set up. It’s important to set goals for your stream, not just what you want to accomplish in your game but how many followers or subs you want to gain from that particular stream.

Our article on GoLiveBot will show you how to set it up. As far as the stream itinerary goes, not everyone can play the same game for eight hours straight. Feel free to include some Just Chatting time before and after gaming, have multiple games on your itinerary, or some other activity entirely (drawing, singing, etc.). You can post your activity on your social media or on your “Starting Soon” screen.

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You can add a cooldown of an hour or more to prevent viewers from abusing the command. Like many other song request features, Streamlabs’s SR function allows viewers to curate your song playlist through the bot. I’ve been using the Nightbot SR for as long as I can remember, but switched to the Streamlabs one after writing this guide. Create clips from the best parts of your stream with Cross Clip and share them across your social media. This is another tried and true method to bring viewers to your streams.

Displays the target’s or user’s id, in case of Twitch it’s the target’s or user’s name in lower case

characters. Make sure to use $touserid when using $addpoints, $removepoints, $givepoints parameters. Auto-show is great for streamers that have moderators that can filter the content before it’s shown live.

On this page, you will see all of your upcoming scheduled live streams. Streamlabs is excited to introduce Stream Scheduler, an innovative new tool that will revolutionize how you schedule your broadcasts on YouTube and Facebook. Chat GPT It’s never been easier or more convenient to manage your YouTube and Facebook channels in Streamlabs Desktop. Twitch now offers an integrated poll feature that makes it soooo much easier for viewers to get involved.

streamlabs queue

In case of Twitch it’s the random user’s name

in lower case characters. Make use of this parameter when you just want to

output a good looking version of their name to chat. Facebook lets you view your upcoming scheduled stream in their producer dashboard.

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Otherwise, you will end up duplicating your commands or messing up your channel currency. We’re always excited to introduce new features that help streamers get more done in less time. Stream Scheduler is an excellent way for you to be sure your viewers never miss anything by scheduling all of your live streams in advance. And, if it’s been a while since you’ve used our software or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out! Our team of experts is always happy to answer our customers’ questions and provide assistance when needed.

The easiest way to get Spotify music to play in Streamlabs is to use the Spotify application itself. While you’re considering that, let’s get started on the simplest way to play Spotify in StreamLabs. If you have any questions or concerns with what happened during your stream, let them know. As always, thank them for their hard work and tell them specifically what they did that really helped you out. Record yourself talking and playing your game for a minute or two to ensure your mic is working, the game audio isn’t too loud, and the alerts are functioning properly.

Continue reading to learn how to manage your queued media. Enabling Media Share via Cloudbot allows your viewers to request videos without having to send a tip. It’s a great way to encourage everyone to participate in your stream. You’ll now have a streamlabs queue new panel on your About page that lists all the songs from this playlist, which will be automatically populated when you play music while streaming. I’m trying to figure out how to make a custom command to display the queue for everyone in chat.

Auto-hide is great for streamers that don’t have moderators and/or want to manually play media themselves. You can change this setting later from the “recent events” tab, where you will manage all of the media sent to you. Some commands are easy to set-up, while others are more advanced. We will walk you through all the steps of setting up your chatbot commands.

Each viewer can only join the queue once and are unable to join again until they are picked by the broadcaster or leave the queue using the command ! To get started, navigate to the Cloudbot tab on and make sure Cloudbot is enabled. You can use this widget-maker to generate a bit of HTML that can be embedded in your website to easily allow customers to purchase this game on Steam.

streamlabs queue

Post a follower goal somewhere on screen to encourage new viewers. Write down conversation ideas for your stream and keep them in a place where you can easily see them. Now you’re ready to laugh, cry, and cringe along with your viewers to whatever clips they want to share with you. Request with a link to a video, it will now appear in the queued media area.

Also, creating a weekly schedule is a good habit to get into as it will help you stay consistent. Make use of this parameter when you just want

to output a good looking version of their name to chat. You can make a trusted account a moderator or administrator by going to My Account, Shared Access, and clicking the “Create Invitations” option. They will require at least moderator rights to share media. Make sure everybody you invite is someone you know and trust to manage your stream with you.

If these parameters are in the

command it expects them to be there if they are not entered the command will not post. This guide will teach you how to adjust your IPv6 settings which may be the cause of connections issues.Windows1) Open the control panel on your… When Media sharing requests come in, the queue will be located in your Dashboard under the “Recent Events” tab. A betting system can be a fun way to pass the time and engage a small chat, but I believe it adds unnecessary spam to a larger chat. From the Counter dashboard you can configure any type of counter, from death counter, to hug counter, or swear counter.

  • Once enabled, you can create your first Timer by clicking on the Add Timer button.
  • Facebook lets you view your upcoming scheduled stream in their producer dashboard.
  • Make sure to use $userid when using $addpoints, $removepoints, $givepoints parameters.
  • $arg1 will give you the first word after the command and $arg9 the ninth.
  • On this page, you will see all of your upcoming scheduled live streams.

Chat commands and info will be automatically be shared in your stream. It can hype up your audience, create a chill space for Just Chatting, and signals to new viewers the type of streamer you are. And few options are as simple as playing music through Spotify while you’re streaming. Creating a graphic on a free software like Canva of the game you’re planning to play with your avatar/headshot can be a nice touch. Additionally, enabling Twitter to automatically show that you’re live can also help draw traffic to your stream.

Stream more effectively by checking your analytics and data. Pay attention to which streams get the most viewers, subs, etc. Try to determine the best day and time to stream for your audience and what type of content they prefer. If you’re mystified when it comes to analytics, check out our article on how to analyze your live stream to improve. Displays the user’s id, in case of Twitch it’s the user’s name in lower case characters. Make sure to use $userid when using $addpoints, $removepoints, $givepoints parameters.

Displays the target’s id, in case of Twitch it’s the target’s name in lower case characters. Make sure to use $targetid when using $addpoints, $removepoints, $givepoints parameters. “Pending media” is where videos will first appear when a tip or Cloudbot request is received. Reviewing videos is an excellent task for a moderator to handle when you’re focused on your stream. Keep reading below to learn how to add specific permissions for your moderators.

You can change the message template to anything, as long as you leave a “#” in the template. Choose what makes a viewer a “regular” from the Currency tab, by checking the “Automatically become a regular at” option and choosing the conditions. Once done the bot will reply letting you know the quote has been added.

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Gaming Sites Are Still Letting Streamers Profit From Hate.

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Now you will see all of the upcoming events you scheduled in Streamlabs Desktop. Adding currency to your channel may not be worth it now that Twitch has introduced “channel points,” with rewards that can be claimed directly through its interface. You have to find a viable solution for Streamlabs currency and Twitch channel points to work together. Once enabled, you can create your first Timer by clicking on the Add Timer button. Timers are automated messages that you can schedule at specified intervals, so they run throughout the stream.

From the individual SFX menu, toggle on the “Automatically Generate Command.” If you do this, typing ! As the name suggests, this is where you can organize your Stream giveaways. Streamlabs Chatbot allows viewers to register for a giveaway free, or by using currency points to pay the cost of a ticket. Alternatively, if you are playing Fortnite and want to cycle through squad members, you can queue up viewers and give everyone a chance to play. Pop in to your Discord to thank viewers (by name, if possible) to give thanks and encourage discussion.

Check out our article on Cloudbot timers, queues, and quotes to learn more about this useful tool. Streamlabs Chatbot Commands are the bread and butter of any interactive stream. With a chatbot tool you can manage and activate anything from regular commands, to timers, roles, currency systems, mini-games and more.

And 4) Cross Clip, the easiest way to convert Twitch clips to videos for TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts. Have you ever wanted to learn how to let viewers’ share videos on your Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube stream? Once it expires, entries will automatically close and you must choose a winner from the list of participants, available on the left side of the screen.

If you’re using something like Discord Reactive Images, make sure to disconnect from the voice channel. Don’t be afraid to ask (nicely) for followers, subs, etc. in order to hit your goals. Make sure you have a catchy title) and a description that encourages people to click. (“Chill Vibes” or anything of the sort is a no-no. Write down any chat commands with an exclamation mark (e.g. !merch). Also, make sure you are using any and all applicable tags (up to five) to further encourage people to stop by. I’ve tried using the variables listed under Queue, but they only seem to work on the existing premade commands, so Join is the only time you see your queue number.

It features easy-to-use controls where you can set up the day’s streams in advance or reschedule them with just a few clicks. Again, depending on your chat size, you may consider adding a few mini games. Some of the mini-games are a super fun way for viewers to get more points !

In my opinion, the Streamlabs poll feature has become redundant and streamers should remove it completely from their dashboard. They can be used to automatically promote or raise awareness about your social profiles, schedule, sponsors, merch store, and important information about on-going events. Once you’ve set all the fields, save your settings and your timer will go off once Interval and Line Minimum are both reached. In this article, we’ll outline the key differences between Twitch hosts and raids to help you decide which of the commands can work best for you and your channel.

streamlabs queue

This will guide you through the Windows settings to change your default DNS (Dynamic Name Server) to another server in case your local or default DNS,… Click on the green checkmark to add them to your queued media. Now click on “Media Share” from the options at the top, and you’ll see all of the videos your viewers sent in the Pending Media section.

streamlabs queue

After you enable Media Share, a popup will ask you to choose between auto-show videos or auto-hide videos. It’s great to have all of your stuff managed through a single tool. The only thing that Streamlabs CAN’T do, is find a song only by its name. Sound effects can be set-up very easily using the Sound Files menu. All you have to do is to toggle them on and start adding SFX with the + sign.

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